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Impact Investing is steering capital away from critical U.S. industries, limiting access to capital for companies that support U.S. energy independence, second amendment rights and basic American values. Every week a new endowment, bank or fund announces a new Impact Investing strategy that further limits capital flows to essential industries. Freedom Capital seeks to reverse that trend by profitably investing in critical industries that support America’s prosperity, security and freedom.


Feb 12,16

Checks and Balances System Working in Government but Not in Capital Markets

By Conner Prochaska, Freedom Capital February 12, 2016

Impact PIETuesday the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a blow to Obama’s unprecedented overreach in requiring power plants to limit carbon emissions.  Reducing carbon emissions are a crucial component of the president’s agenda; so crucial that the executive branch unilaterally made new costly regulations with limited carbon impact in spite of opposition from Congress, who we might recall is charged with making laws. Fortunately, the checks and balances system created by America’s founders is working.  The third branch of government, the Supreme Court, stepped in and in a highly unprecedented move of its own, stayed the regulation as requested by more than half the states and thirty interested groups who filed lawsuits opposing the regulation.

But what of the other actors on the geopolitical stage?  We’re reminded of the quasi-regulatory overreach by divestment movements from universities, states, pensions and the $6.5 trillion Socially Responsible Investment Impact movement.  Recently, the California state insurance commissioner asked all insurance companies doing business with the state to voluntarily divest from coal companies and REQUIRING them to disclose their holdings in the industry.  Global insurance companies are the third largest global investors, controlling $24 trillion of assets.

We are thrilled the checks and balance system created by framers of the constitution is working, but there’s still more work to do.  Impact, divestment and socially responsible investment movements are among the fastest growing participants in the global financial marketplace and are steering capital away from critical American industries.  Yet their growth and over-reach is subject to no regulator or checks and balance system.  We founded Freedom Capital to change all that.  We’re the first American Impact fund manager; the first to proactively invest in the industries that create jobs and increase American energy independence and security.

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