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Impact Investing is steering capital away from critical U.S. industries, limiting access to capital for companies that support U.S. energy independence, second amendment rights and basic American values. Every week a new endowment, bank or fund announces a new Impact Investing strategy that further limits capital flows to essential industries. Freedom Capital seeks to reverse that trend by profitably investing in critical industries that support America’s prosperity, security and freedom.


Feb 24,16

Freedom Capital’s Message to CPAC:  “Keep the Free in Free Markets”

By Jeff McClure, CEO – Freedom Capital, February 24, 2016

The capital markets are critical to free enterprise and create the foundation of our democratic way of life and our prosperity.  Over the past decade left-leaning asset managers have conspired to undermine the distribution of capital through Social Impact Investing which often redlines sectors such as weapons manufacturers, energy producers and other essential sectors of the U.S. economy.  The Socially Responsible Investment movement influences $6.57 trillion, or one in six, professionally managed dollars in the United States and grew 76% in the past two years.  Socially Responsible and divestment movements are choking off capital to critical industries in the U.S. that support basic freedoms.

Freedom Capital is the first American Impact investor with a mandate to proactively invest in companies and industries that promote Prosperity, Security and Freedom.  We’re creating the first Impact investment alternative for people who want to make sure critical U.S. companies that support energy independence,  Second Amendment rights, agriculture independence, cyber security and military strength have equal access to capital.

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