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About Us

Freedom Capital Investment Management is dedicated to American Impact Investing.  Freedom Capital’s mission is to wisely invest capital in opportunities that promote prosperity, security, and freedom for the U.S. and its allies.  Freedom Capital believes that the current agenda driven investment landscape represented by Socially Responsible Investing / Impact Investing is disproportionately focused on liberal ideals and does not currently represent the investment objectives of millions of American Investors.  Freedom Capital offers investment vehicles that enable the many of investors whose beliefs are not currently represented a new brand of impact investing – American Impact:  Investing in prosperity, security and freedom.

Our Mission

Invest to create an American Impact and promote the prosperity, security and freedom of the United States of America and its allies.

Freedom Capital’s investment strategy is simple.  Provide capital to sectors of the economy that promote prosperitysecurity and freedom for the United States and its allies.  The Socially Responsible Investment movement influences $6.57 trillion, or one in six, managed dollars in the United States. These divestment movements are choking off capital to critical industries in the U.S. that support our basic freedoms.  Freedom Capital Investment Management believes it is the first impact investment firm focused on investing in industries that promote the prosperity, security, and freedom for the Unites States and our allies.  These industries include those that promote and enhance energy independence, agriculture independence, second amendment rights, and defense sector industries.

Impact Investing

Mission_chartChallenge:  Freedom Capital believes that SRI / Impact Investing does not currently represent the investment objectives of a massive percentage of American investors. Freedom Capital believes the current agenda driven investment landscape represented by SRI / Impact Investing is disproportionally focused on liberal ideals.
Opportunity: Freedom Capital offers an investment vehicle which allows the underrepresented portion of the capital markets to express and defend their principles by investing to create an American Impact.

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